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Grup band Svmmerdose kembali hadir menghibur penonton Ali & Ratu-Ratu Queens dengan lagu terbaru mereka “On My Own”.

Music video Svmmerdose kali ini unik sekali, dengan mengusung konsep alien luar angkasa. Karakteristik lagu juga sangat indie & upbeat!

Overall, tim Retina loved it and been jamming to it for a few days now!

We know you guys wanna sing along ~

So, check out the lyrics below!

On My Own

Performed By Svmmerdose

Written, Produced, Composed, Arranged by Iqbaal Ramadhan & Tarapti Ikhtiar Rinrin

Mixed & Mastered by Edward Lianggono


Lord, loves don’t seem to chase me no more
The sun shines brighter than the usual

All my life, what a shame
I thought I couldn’t be with myself
But you…

‘Cause of you know I understand
I know you left me on my own,
Well I, have found another way back home
Don’t mind if I say so
Cause you
Had taught me to be alone

It feels different
(now that I’ve got)
Somewhere to go
Move on

(*) When I am lookin’ through my phone
I don’t think of your face anymore
When you callin’ up my names
Sorry my mind is already on the road


Ali found his new family in New York with the Queens
Svmmerdose - On My Own
Svmmerdose Video Clip

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